New PlatformQ Health Programs Debut on NeuroCareLive

Shirley Amy
March 13, 2019

A much needed series of innovative video educational programs for suffers of MDD (Major Depressive Disorder), will kick off live on  today, March 13, and can be viewed at anytime after.

This cooperation between PlatformQ Health and the DBSA (Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance), comes hot off the heels of last year’s well received first-class program. – This incorporated a skillful panel of specialists, such as advocacy representatives and clinicians, as well as real patient testimonials. It is the latter that often rings a cord with suffers, as in so many cases, they can relate to the patients’ experiences and struggles.

Extensive Help For MDD Sufferers

DBSA’s VP of Communications and Programs, Kevin Einbinder, explained that: “DBSA is committed to providing peer-based, wellness-oriented, and empowering resources where and when individuals need them. Printed and online resources and in-person peer-led support groups are critical resources that the DBSA provides for individuals living with mood disorders”. He did however, caution on the challenges of comprehending how well these resources supply important information for their peers at the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, so that it them prosper throughout the course of their lives .

Insights From 2018 & Program Implications For 2019.

  • This year, there will be a continuing focus on sharing decisions, particularly on selecting MDD antidepressant medication
  • Last year, 34% of patients stated that they learned ‘a lot,’ while 59% said that they learned ‘some’ things about MDD treatment.
  • This year’s panel includes a pharmacist who will contribute to discussions on the management of MDD medication
  • In 2018, 69% of patients stated that the program made a positive difference regarding their interaction with healthcare professionals
  • This year, recent tips on patient-doctor interaction, will incorporate various elements such as when to think about treatment change; and how to discuss side- effects.

The Senior VP of Education for PlatformQ Health, Kathryn Pucci, stated: “We have a deep and abiding commitment to improving the way mental health is treated – beyond these two programs, we have been proud to support DBSA’s Well Beyond Blue initiative”.

The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance is making important strides forward; and an interesting clinician-centered educational activity is due to debut on PlatformQ Health’s clinician channel, in addition to the video educational programs.

About the DBSA

This organization is ranked as America’s top peer-focused mental health body, whose mission is “to improve the lives of people living with mood disorders”. It reaches in excess of 4 million sufferers via 200+ local chapters and 500+ support groups.

About PlatformQ Health

This platform is classed as America’s principle provider of medical educational events, all of which are shown online, live and after the events. It controls a massive 17 learning channels – all of which are therapeutically focused and devoted to providing administrators, advocates, caregivers, patients and clinicians, high level outcome-centric education, which is geared to ameliorating patient care. Its cutting-edge educational platform empowers healthcare professionals and doctors to connect from where ever they reside, via its state-of-the-art website. – And this is the key to always being abreast of different treatments, and having easy access to research, scientific and patient care specialists, all of whom can offer real-time discussions .

Shirley Amy

Shirley Amy is a Holistic Health Specialist and professional writer who's published 4 books. Her  interests include optimum wellness, mental health, fitness, and positive lifestyle change. She holds University and College qualifications in the fields of Health Science, Nutrition, Mental Health, Fitness, Holistic Therapy and Aromatherapy.

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