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Mental Health Expert Diagnoses Cable News Anchors

William Kellogg
July 3, 2019
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Tagged The ‘Goldwater rule’, this is an informal name for the American Psychiatric Association’s guideline that says it is against the psychiatrists profession to give ‘an expert idea about political and influential figures that they have not diagnosed in person, and from whom consent has not been approved to talk about their mental health in public statements.’ It’s named after the 1964 Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater, who sued a magazine and came out victorious after the news agency published a story claiming over a thousand mental health professionals said he was not fit for office.

Bandy X. Lee once recruited dozens of her colleagues for “The Trump Contagion,” a book that found President Trump with all kinds of Fantastical yet comical mental health issues, including impulsivity, dementia, and narcissistic personality disorder. Well, the last one could be accurate, but we knew that already.

During an Interview with top psychiatric journal “Salon,” the unblinking shrink with that Scary look and a name that reminds you of an Eighties’ synth band said the president’s imaginary mental health issues were a ‘time bomb’ and that ‘our survival as a species may be at stake.’  Because Bandy is so sane and cool-headed, it was time to put her on cable news. MSNBC’s TV host, Lawrence O’Donnell, who had displayed schizophrenic symptoms in a leaked video, said he’d been searching for a while for an irrational, unethical psychologist who could drop standards and reputation. Someone who could remotely diagnose the US president as being crazy. The reader who hears voices isn’t great at doing research and sending multiple emails. Miss Bandy managed to find 27 of them in short order.

Ever since the antagonists of the mental health industry have confirmed their lack of principles by forming an organization which they believe is going to save us all by spreading the word about President Trump’s mental health crisis. The Democrats and the media love it. Deluded Nancy Pelosi, the Slurrier of the House, has repeatedly suggested President Trump may be ‘unfit for office.’

The group believes in the spirit of fairness, and so they found Ron, a licensed marriage and family therapist based in California who has been practicing for almost 30 years in his garage. He is also married to a licensed psychologist. He viewed clips of some of the brightest stars at CNN and MSNBC interview sessions, so they could ask what terrifying horrors might be hiding behind the eyes of the expertly Trump-deranged moneybags of the cable news.  before anything, we asked him that: is Trump Derangement Syndrome real?  ‘Trump derangement syndrome, or TDS, is a more pronounced manifestation of Reagan or W. Bush derangement syndrome,’ he said. ‘It is real but is not as common as often thought. TDS is the byproduct of a personality disorder such as bipolar personality disorder and is an outward look of the inner experience of those manifesting it.’  ‘American society rewards extroverted personality types, and we like things big. Unfortunately, we appear to confuse big with extreme,’ he added, slurping on a Big Gulp and continued with the clips.

William Kellogg

William Kellogg is a veteran writer who's covered the subject of the intersection of technology, health and mental wellness for nearly two decades.

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