Mental Health Awareness: “Starts with Us” Campaign Launched by InSight |

Mental Health Awareness: “Starts with Us” Campaign Launched by InSight

Shirley Amy
May 14, 2019
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“One in six individuals live with a mental illness, & around 44.7 million American adults are affected by a mental, behavioral or emotional disorder (NIMH)” 

As the countrywide movement to increase mental health awareness revs up this month, InSight Telepsychiatry is playing its role for the second year in a row. The organization states that they are espousing the sentiment that “Mental Health Starts with Us.” And with that strategy in mind, it is providing important information, resources, and action plans in order to  relay the message that mental wellness is crucial for all of us.

The Value of Mental Health Care

The terrible situation today is that, regardless of how widespread mental health concerns are in the US, under  50% of sufferers reach out for treatment. – This is either because they are not able to do so, or because they do not want to. Naturally, in many cases, this just exacerbates the problem, and make it far worse than it would have been if it was nipped in the bud from the get-go.

Mental Health Does Matter

Mental health incorporates psychological, emotional and social wellness; and affects the way we act, feel and think. Moreover, “it is also a key component to managing our overall wellness, since mental health and physical health are very closely interlinked”. Regretfully however, many sufferers do not receive the help they need, due to stigma, lack of suitable medical insurance, the cost, a shortage of mental health providers, and other obstructions such as not having easy access to, or living near a clinic.

Mental Health Professionals Need to Be in Optimum Psychological Health

Just as with all of us, mental health care professionals are no different when it comes to being susceptible to suffering from mental health issues. Moreover, it seems that it is even more crucial for carers to have optimum mental wellness, as they are duty bound to deliver the care that mental health suffers require.

In addition to this: “Lack of mental wellness practices can also lead to burnout among physicians, nurses and other mental health care professionals, which is associated with increased depression, anxiety, sleep problems and impaired memory (NIH)”.

The Need to Address Mental Health Within Communities

By harnessing the latest innovations in telepsychiatry, providers are now empowered to significantly increase the general public’s access to mental health care within their communities. Naturally, this makes a sufferer’s drive to get professional help and support, far stronger. And when it becomes commonplace to see individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life looking for more information on the subject, and going for advice and treatment, people are inspired to follow suit.

Maximizing Scope

Telepsychiatry has proved to be an effective instrument for maximizing the scope of psychiatric services at individual facilities and across mega systems. “By using telemedicine, organizations can access psychiatric coverage without the recruiting, logistical and financial burdens that the on site provision of those services would require”.

Shirley Amy

Shirley Amy is a Holistic Health Specialist and professional writer who's published 4 books. Her  interests include optimum wellness, mental health, fitness, and positive lifestyle change. She holds University and College qualifications in the fields of Health Science, Nutrition, Mental Health, Fitness, Holistic Therapy and Aromatherapy.

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