Liquified Creative Works with SAFE Project for Treatment Locator Development |

Liquified Creative Works with SAFE Project for Treatment Locator Development

Shirley Amy
August 22, 2019
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News just in: in order to create an easy to use, cutting-edge treatment locator for addicts battling substance use disorder, Annapolis boutique marketing and advertising agency, Liquified Creative, has recently announced its collaboration with the SAFE Project [1].

What is the SAFE Project?

Back in late 2017, the renowned SAFE Project was set up by Admiral James and Mary Winnefeld, after they suffered the devastating loss of Jonathan, their beloved 19-year old boy, who accidentally took an opioid overdose. Instead of focussing on the negative, the Winnefelds decided to honor their son by helping others avoid the same terrible fate, and save other families from a lifetime of grieving [1].

To that end: “In an effort to help the 19.7 million people living with substance use disorder (SUD) and their families, SAFE Project made the decision to develop a free, online platform to match people to the treatment services that best fit their needs” [1].

Addressing People’s Needs

Whether people needed to comprehend the nature of addiction, get answers, or simply find a suitable place for treatment, the Winnefelds were mindful of the fact that a radically different solution was needed in order to help other families traveling the same difficult pathway. SAFE is very different to other types of treatment locators. This is because the comprehensive information it provides, offers custom-designed potential solutions for the addict according to their personal preferences and requirements, dual-diagnosis, gender, and age [1].

Also, very importantly, this customized experience does not involve the need for the user’s identity specific, or personal information. At the present time, SAFE is able to conduct a search of more than 13,500 registered treatment clinics across America; and from a basic set of users’ questions and answers, it generates distance and matched-based results [1].

Liquified Creative’s Senior Web Developer, Chad Phillips, remarked: “There’s a great sense of pride and fulfillment being able to work on a project that will help many who are in need across the country. I am looking forward to continued work with the passionate team at SAFE” [1].

More About Liquified Creative

In the beginning, this well known agency which boasts extensive experience and knowledge regarding custom development solutions and user-experience design, was consulted about developing SAFE. They were chosen due to their warmth toward working within the healthcare advocacy arena, especially with non-profit organizations.  Creative Director and Agency Founder, Shawn Noratel, stated: “We hope that this vital platform will help to equip our local leaders, organizations, and communities with the tools and data that are necessary in identifying opioid addiction and substance abuse treatment centers and facilities based on an individual’s specific needs across the country” [1].

SAFE’s Project Mission

This incredible organization’s mission, is to make a lasting contribution to help addicts across the entire country. It believes that the SAFE treatment locator will work as a vital tool to help users move away from their addiction, and prevent deadly drug overdoses which have such broad reaching effects on families, friends, and society as a whole [1].


[1]. Cision (2019). “Liquified Creative Works with SAFE Project to Develop Treatment Locator.”

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