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Leigh Griffiths Feared Celtic Would Move on From Him

William Kellogg
July 31, 2019
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The prolific Celtic Football Club striker put in a top performance in front of the Lennox town media yesterday. He was able to deal with a lot of questions about his absence from the game as well as his mental health concerns.

Griffiths missed seven months of footballing action last season due to personal issues that look to be in the past. On his return, the striker has fired home six goals in four pre-season games and looks like he’s ready to get going competitively once again. But in a show of real humbleness, Griffiths stated that he feared his club would let him go due to his lack of time on the playing field. Speaking to the Daily Record, Griff opened up on his concerns. “Taking some time off could have been easy for the club to severe relationship altogether and say ‘look we’ll give you time off but we think it’s best if we go our different ways’. It was quite a concern for me. I’m not going to lie. “But it shows what this club is all about. It’s never about just looking out for itself”. “It’s about being on the watch for the players too. They don’t want me to just play for Celtic. They want me to be fine at the end of my career.

“I’m not completely over my issues but I have made huge strides in trying to overcome it. Though the issue is not totally solved, the more I speak out and the more I speak to people who are helping me and have helped me along, I think it’s at an end.”

If you haven’t seen his broadcast, you can view it now on Celtic TV. Griffiths opens up on mental health and did his best to increase awareness regarding one of our country’s most serious issues. And it shows just how susceptible Griff was at the time of his absence from the game too. There never seemed to be any chance of Celtic letting him go. The club has always reiterated their support the striker since he took time off last December.

You can now see, both on and off the pitch, that Griffiths is a changed man. He looks incredibly happy on the pitch, and even though he claims he isn’t fully over his own personal problems, you can see in his attitude that great strides have been taken. His present mood compared to the tail-end from last year, there’s a colossal difference.

Celtic wouldn’t have told their star-man out to have such an interview if he wasn’t ready to talk. And at the end of the day, all it has done is to increase awareness. Well-done to Griffiths and the journalists present for carrying out an important awareness interview.

Now, we hope to start seeing the best of Griffiths in the Champions League qualifiers. He’s a huge doubt to start against Nomme Kalju tomorrow given the form of his strike pair Odsonne Edouard. But, at the very least, we see a substitute appearance from Scotland’s deadliest striker.

William Kellogg

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