K-Pop Star Mina Pulls Out of Tour Due to “Extreme Anxiety”

William Kellogg
July 17, 2019
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A member of K-Pop group Twice, named Mina will not be taking part in the group’s next world tour because of mental health concerns.

A statement released by the girl band’s team said: “Mina is presently struggling with a shocking extreme anxiety and insecurity toward performing live on stage.”

They added that have been “consulting with various medical practitionals to confirm the cause in full details”.

The nine-strong South Korean group will head to the USA for a series of live gigs, but no dates have been scheduled for UK.

“After much elaborate discussion with Mina and members of Twice, we have decided that Mina’s present condition needs additional treatment, professional interventions, and sufficient rests.” the statement further stated.

The hashtag #GetWellSoonMina is currently trending worldwide on social media platforms, and Billboard’s K-Pop social media representive Tamar Herman wrote on Twitter: “Oh no, poor Mina. Anxiety is a terrible thing to deal with, but it sounds like they’re looking into ways to help her face the struggle. I hope that she’s alright.”

Another member of the K-Pop group has announced he willbbe separating from his band due to his “personal problems”.

Super Junior’s most controversial member, Kangin, returned to Instagram to inform fans of his decision to call it quit and also apologised to his mates for any trouble he must have caused over the years.

The 34-year-old was an original member of the ever-changing set-up from back in 2005. But he has been a source of various issues in recent times, though he’s had a break from this ocurrences following two violations for driving under the influence and his alleged involvement in a physical altercation with his girlfriend while intoxicated.

“I’ve always had the feeling that I needed to come to this decision as soon possible in my life,” he wrote, “but due to the kind hearts of those who kept cheering me on unrepentantly as well as my label’s staff despite my faults, I was not able to summon the courage, and I also felt I was not in a position and situation where I could decide blindly on my own.

“However, as a result of my own problems,” he added, “I have had to watch my team members suffer misfortunes that they should not have had to face, and I’ve come to the decision that I cannot stall it any longer.”

The manager at SM Entertainment confirmed he would remain as one of their artists but said they “have decided to respect Kangin’s decision to leave the group voluntarily”.

The remaining 10 members of the Super Junior group- who were initially 13 at one point – will continue without him.

Fans have been posting their reaction to the news of the K-Pop veteran’s departure online.

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