Global Wellness Summit 2020 in Israel, Stresses Health and Wellness Tech

Shirley Amy
December 11, 2019

Israel boasted a record $6.5 billion in high-tech start-up funding in 2018

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After Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv boasts more start-ups than anywhere else on the planet. In fact, it: “is becoming the world leader in health and wellness innovation [including] digital health and fitness tech, which can be highly instrumental in tackling the current mental health crisis. In its 14 year history, this summit will take a different perspective, in that it will offer attendees the strongest ever focus on health and wellness tech innovation (not just from within Israel, but worldwide). Further, it will also offer visitors the chance to empower themselves with the latest cutting-edge info, in the Tech Innovation Pavilion.

The Global Wellness Summit (GWS)

This much anticipated annual event, which will run from November 10 to 13, 2020, brings together global leaders involved in the $4.5 trillion global wellness economy. Israel, which has over 6,000 operational start-ups, is known as the world’s Start-up Nation. These new highly innovative companies are doing wonderful work, and it has been said that: “no place on earth has such a dizzying mix of technologies and innovators in one space”.

Tel Aviv was chosen to host the 2020 summit by the GWS, because the region is rapidly becoming: “ground zero for health and wellness technologies and investment—from digital healthcare innovations to engineering the future of healthy, sustainable food to new technologies for the fitness, mental wellness and workplace wellness markets”.

Amir Alroy, the wellness co-founder of Welltech, the new innovation hub and microfund based in Tel Aviv, stated: “It’s never been more important for both big multinationals and leading wellness companies to study the most innovative start-ups if they want to stay ahead of the game in the fast-growing wellness space. And Israel, with so many brilliant new companies, is definitely one of the key places to look at.” The GWS will not only put Israel’s creative health and wellness solutions on the world stage, it will introduce Israel’s powerful investment landscape to global wellness companies”.

What Has Made Israel the Forefront of  Such Groundbreaking Tech?

  • 600 new start-ups are formed each year
  • 500 multinational corporations (such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon & Apple, and other big names), have set up venture capital arms or incubators in the region
  • Israel ranks #1 globally for VC & R&D investment as a percentage of gross domestic product. Further, the country raises venture capital per capita at 2.5 times the rate of  America, &30 times the rate of Europe
  • A substantial number of unicorns (companies valued at $1 billion-plus) are Israeli founded: from SodaStream and Salesforce to the Waze GPS navigation system, to Compass, the real estate tech start-up, to Lemonade, the home insurance disrupter, to Houzz,
Shirley Amy

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