Mental Health

better not bitter
How To Be Better Not Bitter

In life, particularly as you age and endure more life experiences, it can be easy to succumb to bitter feelings. Bitterness about not getting that job you really wanted. Bitterness

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man therapy
When is it Time to Go for Therapy

Mental health conditions have long been stigmatized in our society.  Individuals have been unfairly blamed for their symptoms, belittled and demeaned, and discriminated against.  Ignorant and uneducated people have wrongly

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Delusions of Grandeur

A delusion of grandeur refers to a person’s false belief that they are someone other than who they are or believe they have special powers. It is commonly identified by

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What is Hebephilia

Hebephilia refers to the primary or exclusive adult sexual interest in pubescent individuals ranging from age 11-14. Hebephilia is differentiated from pedophiphilia, which involves exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children

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female psycopath
Do You Know a Female Psychopath?

The term “psychopath” is a term that mental health professionals use to categorize a particular group of symptoms that accompany a personality disorder. Thanks to movies and television, however, most

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The Benefits of Crying

Contrary to the beliefs of some, crying is an important component of mental health and wellness. The benefits of crying are often unrecognized, overlooked and under- appreciated, as it can

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Kleptomania and Why it is Complicated

Kleptomania is a relatively rare mental health disorder characterized by the recurring inability to resist stealing. People with this condition have experienced repeated, unsuccessful attempts to quit stealing. The urges

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What is Acute Stress Disorder?

When someone experiences a severe or traumatic event in their life, they can begin to develop disruption in their mental health and overall functioning. Mental health professionals describe these mental,

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grey rock
What is the Grey Rock Method?

A narcissist is a person who shows a disproportionate interest in themselves.  They have a strong desire to be admired by others, strive for attention, and have difficulty enduring criticism

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Is Therapy Really Worth It?

Historically, therapy has gotten a bad rap.  Before mental health was researched or understood, individuals were deemed crazy if they displayed or admitted a mental health condition.  Moreover, it was

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selective memory
What Is Selective Memory?

Simply put, selective memory is a person’s ability to remember certain information and not remember other information. It can be the punch line of many jokes like when a spouse

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The Dangers of Deindividuation

Deindividuation is an aspect of group-think. The people involved are focused on conformity with a line of thought; they end up making rash, problematic decisions that promote unity within the

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woman listening to music
How the Arts Can Improve Your Mind

The statement that “The evidence is clear — playing a musical instrument or listening to music can positively affect brain health and function. … Music can improve mood, increase intelligence, enhance learning and concentration, and ward off the effects of brain aging…”

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dealing with illness
Death Awareness: The Upside

Most often people experience a wide range of emotions when faced with a diagnosis of illness. Shock, fear, anxiety, panic, sadness, and guilt are some emotions commonly experienced by people

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