What Is Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a type of therapy works to help people alter the emotional distress they feel from highly negative or painful life experiences. EMDR works with individuals as they remember painful memories to reprocess them in a way that allows them to heal from their experiences. Certain aspects of EMDR […]

color therapy

Color Psychology: What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You?

Psychologists and other researchers have long studied the impact that colors make on human life; color has been found to influence people’s ideas, perceptions, and preferences for things both obvious and discreet. Color is used in marketing and advertising to entice people to purchase products and can influence a person’s emotional state and mood. Understanding […]


Does Hot Weather Make People Aggressive?

We all know that weather can affect our mood; depending on the climate in which you live, a person may have a personal preference for a particular kind of weather. If you get a lot of rain, you may really enjoy brief moments of sunshine, and if you live in a predominantly hot, sunny place, […]

Raising Mental Health Awareness in May

Mental health has become a public health issue. Increasingly, individuals all over the world continue to suffer from one or more form of depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorders. These conditions are debilitating and often consume your daily existence by affecting your relationship with your family, productivity and earning power. For instance, in 2010, it was […]


Kleptomania and Why it is Complicated

Kleptomania is a relatively rare mental health disorder characterized by the recurring inability to resist stealing. People with this condition have experienced repeated, unsuccessful attempts to quit stealing. The urges and actions taken are not based on financial or monetary need. In other words, items that are stolen are not needed, have no monetary value […]


What Are Nightmares and Can You Prevent Them?

Nightmares are very realistic and distressing dreams that wake you from sleeping. Nightmares occur more frequently during REM sleep which is the deepest part of sleep and where most dreaming takes place. Dreams in general can be different for each individual. There are certain recurring dreams or nightmares that people have in common including falling […]


What Are The Signs Of Burnout? Is That You?

In today’s society, there seems to be more pressure than ever before.  We are ruled by the clock–to get to places on time, to make our deadlines, and to get as much done as we possibly can.  Our employers expect us to be innovative, productive, and efficient.  As parents, we are expected to raise well-mannered […]

self loathing

Do Others See the Same Person as the Self-Loather Does?

Perception is individualized, subjective, and varies from person to person.  When you look in a mirror, what do you see?  Do you see an accurate reflection of yourself, or is it skewed?  Does the image you see match what others see?  Most of the time, our self-esteem, self-confidence, and body image develop from our perceptions, […]


The Benefits of Smiling

As I’ve indicated in past articles on this page, smiling is good for physical and mental health. It causes a cascade of supportive chemicals to fill the human body. They include neurotransmitters, messengers traveling between your brain and body parts, called endorphins. They’re the happiness chemical and the reason that you feel relief after a […]

dbt eating disorder

The Benefits of DBT for Those with Eating Disorders

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) is utilized to help individuals identify, understand, and manage difficult emotions. The major areas of focus in DBT include: mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotional regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness. The purpose of DBT is to help people become more mindful and present with their emotions, manage difficult or even painful emotions, regulate how […]