get help

Don’t Give Up on Life, Get Help!

Life comes with an emotional bruising and many lessons that we only realize in retrospect. Sometimes you might feel like giving up on ever having a life that feels worth living. Welcome to the normal world. Most of humanity experiences those very thoughts some time or another, and repeatedly. It is possible to brace for […]


What’s the Problem with Superstitious Behavior?

If you observe the tenets of a religion such as Judaism or its unintentional offshoot Christianity, then you’re familiar with the differences between superstition and monotheism. GOD the Creator and Master of the universe is one thing, superstition quite another. When people confuse the two, trouble usually follows. Looking at a partial list of religions […]

sense of self

How to Gain a Strong Sense of Self

Often the greatest endeavor in someone’s life is the journey they take to understand who they are. Human beings are complex, relational individuals. People are anything but one note pieces or plain vanilla. Everyone is stuffed with their own personalities, thoughts, opinions, emotions, and contradictions. When a person has a strong sense of self, they […]

regression psychology

What is Regression Psychology?

Often times, life does not turn out the way that we plan.  Strategic decisions, calculated movements, and premeditated events can turn out much differently than we expect, rendering us bewildered, overwhelmed, and downright stressed.  How we handle this stress is indicative of our personalities, our resilience, and the strength of our coping mechanisms.  Ideally, we […]

mirror phobia

Spectrophobia: The Fear of Mirrors

A phobia is an extreme fear of something that poses no real threat. The range varies from little things like insects to elevators. The person will fear anything that reminds them of the phobia. Even listening to a nose that can be related to the phobia can trigger severe fear responses. In phobias, the person’s […]


 5 Symptoms of Anorexia You Should Not Ignore

Any kind of disordered eating can be difficult to overcome. They grip tightly to both the mental and physical side of a person. They become like an addiction making it very difficult to overcome. A person with an eating disorder can have the ability to function for a long period of time. They often become […]


Insomnia: What is it and How Can I Get More Sleep?

We all know what it is like to try to get through a day without a good night’s sleep; brain fog, lack of energy both mentally and physically, and mood swings are common when quality sleep is missing the night before. Some people experience this night after night, causing them to experience significant difficulties in […]

ptsd kids

Get to Know the Signs of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in Children

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental disorder that affects people after they experience a traumatic event like abuse, a natural disaster, or a war. They have anxiety and flashbacks of the event which makes it difficult to recover. These people also have insomnia and depression as a result. The symptoms can be delayed by […]

survivor's guilt

Do You Have Survivor’s Guilt?

Mental health professionals frequently discuss the aftermath of terrible tragedies to help understand the impact that these events have on those who survive them. Many describe those who endure terrible, tragic things as experiencing what is often called “survivor’s guilt”, or feelings of guilt that impact the way they feel about their actions during the […]