How People Who don’t Vaccinate against the Flu could be at Higher Risk for Neurological Issues

Vaccinations and mental health

Urban legends tend to prove that if you tell a lie often enough then people will regard it as truth. Add some truth to the lie and you can become confused by facts versus fictions. When it comes to making choices about physical and mental health matters in regard to vaccinations, we need to know facts only. Let’s look at the Vax/Anti-Vax debate as it relates to the flu vaccine, and break down the issues to make them understandable.

Pro-vaccination healthcare professionals and parents interact at the On The Fence About Vaccines site. Information there is dedicated to presenting the effectiveness of vaccines in preventing disease. Other sites such as Mercury In Vaccines Was Replaced With Something Even MORE Toxic lend credence to valid concerns about vaccine toxicity to specific people. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) site refers to the fact that the flu vaccine is known to cause Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), in which the immune system attacks the flu-vaccinated person’s nerve cells. That can sometimes cause paralysis, muscle weakness, and death. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) site for Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System VAERS states clearly that “VAERS was created in 1990 in response to the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. If any health problem happens after vaccination, anyone – doctors, nurses, vaccine manufacturers, and any member of the general public – can submit a report to VAERS.” Neurological harm is included in the reporting. The National Center for Biotechnology Information noted a 2014 incident of a 50-year old man who experienced the loss of myelin, the protective covering on his brain and nerves. Here’s an excerpt from the report:

Case Report:

We report a case of a 50-year-old Caucasian male

with a course of progressive, focal, neurologic deficits

within 24 h after receiving the influenza vaccine.

Subsequent work-up revealed the possibility of an acute

central nervous system (CNS) demyelinating episode

secondary to the influenza vaccine, best described as

either CIS or ADEM.

In the book The Vaccine-Friendly Plan, Paul Thomas, M.D., presents a “new, immunity-building protocol that limits a child’s exposure to aluminum, mercury, and other neurotoxins while building overall good health. The presentation is based on the results from his pediatric practice of more than eleven thousand children, as well as data from other credible and scientifically minded medical doctors…”

In 2011, the BMJ, which publishes new academic research for healthcare professionals in order to improve the quality of healthcare, noted interesting results and conclusions regarding neurological injury following flu vaccinations, but they did not find convincing evidence of predictable neurological or autoimmune disease harm due to flu shots.

Don’t Quote Me on this, but…

Several rehabilitation experts declined to provide attributable quotes about their patient loads because of children harmed by vaccines. One remarked “If you vaccinate, you are at risk for severe brain damage! The flu shot is full of mercury!!” Other unnamed sources spoke of the correlation with increased autism rates, muscle coordination problems, and learning disabilities.

A Toronto-based CranioSacral therapist mentioned being overwhelmed by the case load for youngsters suffering neurological damage from flu and other vaccines. “It’s insane that the medical profession is not addressing the problem. It is evident in the floppiness of the muscles, the loss of cognitive development, the impairment of future cognitive development, and the overall poor health of the kids who were vibrant, normal and happy before receiving their shots.”


Author and Holistic Health Practitioner Kate Birch RSH(NA),CCH, CMT champions children’s rights to uncompromised health and founded the organization Other practitioners are also active in trying to overcome the adverse mental health effects of flu and other vaccines, and to secure better recipes plus spacing for vaccines. See for one such example.

CranioSacral therapist Andrea Kornfeld mentioned her realization that 10% of her 0-13 years of age clientele has neurological damage that began after being vaccinated. “If the pediatrician does not stop to assess the problem and change the inoculation schedule, then the children suffer more and permanent neurological harm. I keep seeing this happen. Sometimes the vaccine chemicals become trapped in the pericardium or the pectoral muscles surrounding the heart. Normally, they are contained and eventually disposed of by the body. That can improve the child’s health. But if the inoculation chemicals are trapped there, then they remain inside the child. Concentrated forms of those chemicals can damage the child. Treating the child with CST helps to improve their health. If these things don’t happen, then my clients end up with neurological damage. I’ve only been able to help clients whose doctors altered the schedule of the shots in a better way.”

Lesley Shure, MD, DPM commented on a troubling article entitled Big Gaps in Toxicity Testing for Vaccine Safety. Dr. Shure remarked “Check the writer’s list of references, at the bottom of the article. It’s the reddest of red flags, proving the article is at best an opinion piece and at worst a deliberate attempt at propaganda and manipulation. Toxicity depends not on the substance but on the dosage. Copper is a necessary micronutrient, but a person can overdose and die from too much, over time, as though from a slow poison. Water is necessary, and death from water overdose is faster than that from copper. The safety of “toxic” ingredients in vaccines is based on this and one other thing. What is the risk of dying from the ‘toxic’ ingredients, versus the risk of dying from the disease that the vaccine is designed to fight? No vaccine can protect every single human being 100%, and few if any pathogenic viruses kill 100% of infected patients. Statistics are required to find the right balance.

“The reason that  ‘toxic’ ingredients are used at all is because they are not only toxic to humans — in large enough doses, far larger than vaccines deliver — but they are toxic to pathogenic bacteria and fungi which could grow in the vaccine and be injected with the vaccine, were it not for such precautions.  Mere sterility at the factory is not sufficient, particularly for multi-use vials or individual use, pre-filled, relatively delicate syringes.  Within this very decade, spinal patients receiving epidural steroid injections for pinched nerves became infected with fungi, some of which killed, presumably by traveling along the spinal cord to the brain.

“Regarding routes of testing, the article is wrong. The three routes listed in the article are more commonly applied to cosmetics, household cleaners, and the like. The paragraph below is from a book by the most trusted scholarly source I’m aware of, the National Academies of Science. The book is on insecticides, but the point still stands: ‘Effects obtained by one route of administration to test animals are not a priori applicable to effects by another route of administration to man. The routes chosen for administration  to test animals should, therefore, be the same as those to which man will be exposed. Thus, for example, food additives for man should be tested by admixture of the material in the diet of animals’.”

Shure’s medical knowledge and that of other medical experts does not prevent the heartache of people harmed by flu and other vaccines.  MedPage Today had an article about that on September 17, 2017. It ends with the words “Researchers concluded that more research is needed regarding the relationship between autism spectrum disorder and adverse reactions to vaccines in order to ‘more effectively address concerns about vaccination.’”