Getting the Right Help for Mental Illness Can Save Your Life

Eric Silver
December 4, 2016

After years of struggling with sadness and experiencing doubtful thoughts Jenna finally decided to seek professional help. She had spent a lot of time talking to her mother about her feelings and while her mother did listen she was not able to properly help her and encourage her to think positively and not negatively. Jenna found a psychiatrist that was a good fit for her and began her weekly visits. After 3 sessions, it was clear – Jenna was diagnosed with depression. Being a mother of three happy and cheerful girls was very difficult for her when she constantly felt waves of depression rushing over her. There were even points when she experienced suicidal thoughts and was unable to face her children. After being diagnosed her psychiatrist prescribed her with ant-depressant medication to help alleviate the unbearable suicidal thoughts. Through medication and many therapy sessions Jenna felt she could once again lift her head up and laugh with her girls. She continues to take her medication and see her therapist knowing that recovery takes time and patience.

Get the Right Help

Many men and women just like Jenna suffer from mental illness. Unfortunately, many of these people do not seek professional help and are therefore never diagnosed or properly treated. Through online therapy one can get the proper help they deserve at their own convenience. With the ability to schedule appointments at times that work best on your end, you don’t have to miss work or school and can schedule appointments day or night. You also have the privacy of being treated in your own home without having the public eye watching you as you’re stepping into the therapist’s office. No more babysitter fees as you can have your session as your kids play in the next room. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible and be able to find the help you need without it being a burden.

Find the therapist that is right for you and get the help you deserve.

Eric Silver

Eric Silver is a writer and advocate for mental health awareness. Eric developed a personal passion for spreading mental health awareness in his adolescence when he became caretaker for a close family member battling depression. He's researched and written extensively on mental health, depression and therapy.

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