Improve Intimacy

5 Ways Therapists Help to Improve Intimacy

Before Facebook, Twitter and other social media made their mark on society, people were usually shy about sharing the details of their private lives. Now it seems to be a bit easier to address some difficulties, and to consider yourself perfectly proper for doing so. Many public campaigns for ending various  forms of suffering have […]

Does Marriage Counseling Work

Does Marriage Counseling Really Work?

When you choose a life partner, you are probably not thinking about the conflicts that will arise once you are married. We all dream of having a perfect marriage, but what does that really mean? As the weeks, months and years pass after getting married, finances, intimacy, in-laws, housework, a new baby and work stress […]

emotional intimacy

How to Overcome Emotional Intimacy Issues

As men and women become closer with each other they tend to experience more emotional intimacy. Emotional intimacy occurs when the communication and trust level between two people is so deep that they share their innermost selves. Intimacy tends to grow when we feel we are in a safe, accepting, and caring space with our […]