Tracy Smith LPC, NCC, ACS
Ways to be Happy Over the Holiday Season

The mere mention of the holiday season can evoke a wide array of emotions in many people.  Some people may feel giddy with childish excitement, while others can experience a

Alyssa Greene LPCC
How Can I Make Myself Happier?

A very common personal goal is to “be happier”. But, what does that mean, and can you actually make yourself “happier”? While it’s not a simple yes or no answer,

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Adebolanle Ade MSW, RBT
7 Foods That Make You Happy

1.  Banana We all know that bananas are full of potassium, which is good for counteracting the effects of sodium in the body and balancing blood pressure. But did you

Shannon V. McHugh, PsyD
FOMO: How to Live Your Best Life

Humans thrive on socialization and connection with other people; having a strong sense of community with people who have similar values and ideals can help to improve a person’s life

Alexi Peters MA, LPC
Is Smiling the Best Medicine?

Think about it, have you ever had one of those days, just everything seems to be going wrong and you’re really in a slump? Then suddenly, there’s a little smile.

Tracy Smith LPC, NCC, ACS
Does Altruism Make You Happy

The English Oxford Dictionary defines altruism as “selfless concern for the well-being of others.”  Altruism encompasses caring and kindness without the expectation of anything in return.  Perhaps not always overtly

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Yocheved Golani
Don’t Give Up on Life, Get Help!

Life comes with an emotional bruising and many lessons that we only realize in retrospect. Sometimes you might feel like giving up on ever having a life that feels worth