alpha waves
Tracy Smith LPC, NCC, ACS
Can Alpha Waves Reduce Depression?

Neurons are brain cells that communicate with each other through electrical signals and are what prompts a person’s thoughts, feelings, and actions.  The electrical signals from the neurons produce various

Michelle Overman LMFT
What Is Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy?

Most people have experience a certain behavior or feeling or combination of both they desire to eliminate or change. There are many theories within psychotherapy that would focus on the

natural depression
Tracy Smith LPC, NCC, ACS
Some Natural Treatments for Depression

The most common ways to treat depression are through medication, counseling, or a combination of both.  However, people are not always comfortable with the prospect of taking antidepressant medication due

Karen Doll, Psy.D., L.P
What is Cyclothymia?

Cyclothymia, also known as Cyclothymic disorder is characterized as a less severe, more chronic type of biopolar disorder.  It involves episodes of hypomanic symptoms (euphoria and elevated mood) as well

faking happiness
Shannon V. McHugh, PsyD
Are You Faking Happiness?

In a world where we are so interconnected by the internet and social media, the way we interpret our own self-worth can be heavily influenced by what we see from