How to Deal with Depression: A Step by Step Guide

getting out of depression

The world is filled with articles and tips about how to deal with depression, but there’s little information about how to end it. Let’s reach for that goal as we consider a step by step guide on how to deal with depression.

  • Focus on Forgiveness

Forgiveness is part of contentment. If you repeatedly find yourself berating your very being, you can choose to get out of the rut. Forgive yourself for being human. Life is one long learning experience. Praise and appreciate yourself for every effort you’ve made, every insight you’ve gained. Forgiving yourself is one road to coping with, and even ending, depression.

Repeating that your parents, ex-spouse or someone else kept condemning you can depress you and your listeners. Talk about the people who praise and appreciate you instead. Forgiving yourself means that you stop reminding anyone about your problematic past, and staying stuck in it

  • Rise above Your Limitations

Examine your humanity and spirituality. That can lead you into new directions that leave you feeling satisfied, fulfilled, and happy. Invest in spiritually oriented conversations with clergy members, too. They can be enlightening.

Volunteer. Give your time, muscle and smile to someone who needs them. Many causes need volunteers. Learn new skills, apply them, and improve lives over time. Enjoy the pride of doing so.

  • Bust the Blues with a Beat!

Bust a move to beat depression. Your body needs to produce several feeling-happy chemicals. Regular exercise for a half-hour daily creates them. Take the stairs instead of using the elevator at work, or take a walk around the block during a break. Walk or ride a bike to accomplish errands instead of traveling in a car, taxi or bus. You can slim down, tighten muscles and break out smiling for the cost of good walking shoes or a two-wheeler, and the time to reach your destination. If you need motivation to keep moving, play some music with a good beat. Keep time with the songs and enjoy the results.

Play uplifting, fun, and inspirational music whenever you want to hear it for the sake of feeling happy. Let it lift you into happiness as a habit.

  • Enjoy life.

Sitting still, not thinking and letting time slip by are serious roads to depression. Stay off them. Enjoy concerts, museum exhibits and movies that appeal to you. Start hobbies that interest you. Take a class related to the hobby, or an adult-education course. New interests can lead to new social connections and rewarding activity. Life is about liveliness, not wishing something were so.

There are many business productivity tips for helping depressed people past some serious inertia with feel-good food, time-limited tasks and more happiness-enhancing ideas: Make 2018 Your Most Productive Year Yet.

  • Bad Boss Getting You Down? Find an Advocate

Bad bosses are depressing. Kellogg professor Nicholas Pearce advises that you develop rewarding relationships with colleagues and other managers instead. They can praise you, as can clients. Earn those compliments by doing your work well and on time. Prove that you are essential to the team. If necessary, find a new job.

  • Separate from Your Cellphone

Consider your cellphone’s contribution to your depression. Therapists hear about the direct connection week after week. Before cellphones were common, people spent their spare moments contemplating their personal worth and the meaning of their lives. Now that time is wasted on pointless chatter or social media, looking away from live interaction with the people before you, and losing opportunities to dwell on rewarding moments, facial expressions and body language, let alone rich conversations, and richer relationships.

Shut off the cellphone sometimes. Do real-world activities that leave you and someone else smiling.

If necessary, speak with a therapist about how to deal with depression. Seek insights into issues that do or don’t need your attention. Work together to resolve your problems. Let the past remain there. Live for the future that you’re creating.

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Yocheved Golani is a popular writer whose byline has appeared worldwide in print and online. A certified Health Information Management professional, she is a member of Get Help Israel. Certified in Spiritual Chaplaincy (End of Life issues) and in counseling skills, her life coaching for ill people puts a healthy perspective into a clients’ success plan for achieving desired goals.
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