Christian Counseling

christian counseling
Tracy Smith LPC, NCC, ACS
What is Christian Counseling?

Christian counseling, also known as biblical counseling, connects faith with psychological principles to enhance a person’s mental and emotional well being.  Christian counseling uses teachings from the Bible and scripture

Sharon Smith
When Life Looks Dim

As a Christian counselor, my office is bombarded with a barrage of people who come to a place where life looks dim. Some often ask questions like why is this

be you
Sharon Smith
Being the Real You

Growing up years ago there was a TV game show called “To Tell the Truth” where a panel of four celebrity panelists were presented with three participants (an individual or pair) and

happiness in bible
Sharon Smith
Pursuing Happiness for the Journey

Happiness seems to be the basis of life for most people. When asked what would make them happy most tend to give you a long list of pleasures that they

true friendship
Sharon Smith
The Faces of True Friendship

My best friend has been in my life for over forty years. Although we don’t speak to each other every day I know that I can call her anytime of

When life gives you lemons
Sharon Smith
How to Make Sweet Lemonade out of Lemons

The expression most uttered when facing difficult circumstances is “when life gives you lemons make lemonade”. From my experience, not all lemonades have the flavor that is palatable for the

Sharon Smith
Heart Throb for Heart Healing

Heartthrobs are the suave debonair guys all the girls lose control over, or the girls boys will literally do anything to meet. However, they usually cause heartache for those who throb for