How can I make a Career Change and Find a New Life Path?

November 22, 2018
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When one day after the other seems equally as disappointing employment-wise, maybe worse than before, it might be necessary to make a career change. It can seem to be an overwhelming challenge, but there are proven tips and tricks that help baffled, scared people to make a successful transition into new lines of work.There are even websites that can help you.

If you are someone with a disability, be sure to research resources such as

Job Seekers with Disabilities – Respect Ability. The USA and Canada have laws to prevent discrimination against disabled/differently abled people, and you can learn about that via websites such as Employment Laws: Disability & Discrimination – US Department of Labor, the Disability Discrimination – EEOC site and Rights of people with disabilities – It would be wise to speak with employment counselors about various troubling issues, too. Laws aren’t necessarily honored by discriminatory employers and colleagues. You might need to fortify yourself with moral support from friends, advisors, and lawyers.

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No matter your employment-changing needs, strive to prevent despair from overtaking your mind. Set goals such as taking a minimum number of job-seeking actions  each day. An example of that would be “Send at least two resumes daily, spend one to two hours checking job ads online and elsewhere, research ways to parlay present skills into new lines of work, and network  as often as possible.”

It’s important to follow up your resume-sending, networking, and career change advisories with phone calls. Pro-active, live contact is more meaningful and likely to lead to positive results than passive e-mails, messaging, and mere waiting as time passes by. Stay active until you land the job you’re after. Consider the wisdom of accepting a job that could result in paid bills, self-respect, and a portal into new, rewarding opportunities. Treat yourself well as you proceed with the job hunt: eat nutritious foods, sleep at regular hours and don’t waste time n computer games or other opportunity-killing activities. Stay sharp, ready to hit the ground running.

Yocheved Golani is a popular writer whose byline has appeared worldwide in print and online. A certified Health Information Management professional, she is a member of Get Help Israel. Certified in Spiritual Chaplaincy (End of Life issues) and in counseling skills, her life coaching for ill people puts a healthy perspective into a clients’ success plan for achieving desired goals.