Career Counseling is Crucial for Everyone in Today’s Job Market

Career Counseling

With America at a loss for words after the recent election, many search for hope in the current job market. Unemployment rates are up to 9.5% according to CNSNews.Com, this number, known as the U6 rate or total unemployment rate, was determined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) to include part-time workers and those minimally involved in the work force. According to the Gallup survey, the last time unemployment rates were this high was in 2010, when it hit 17%. America is back in the job market. Following America’s latest election, analysts and Wall Street economists are predicting that the unemployment rate will drop to 5% in the next few years.

The Huffington Post claims that America is not lacking in jobs, rather American’s are lacking in skills. We need to improve the American skill set and this starts at the core of the education system. There are 5.6 million open jobs in the economy today. 40% of those employers claim that the primary reason they cannot fill those positions are lack of skill set.

Donald Trump promised the American people a massive increase in employment and to return manufacturing jobs back to the USA from overseas. At a time where American’s felt hopeless and alone they now are motivated once again to go back into the work force and find their dream job. Whether it is pay for their child’s education, the last mortgage bill on their house, or to put towards their retirement fund, each and every American is looking for those green bills.

For many people who have had no direction in the past they turn to advisors. Career counseling has become the new therapy every person should benefit from. For your personal happiness and everyday peace of mind you deserve to be in a career that makes you happy and excited to go to work.

People are turning towards aptitude testing and career coaching from online sites like Career counseling takes someone who is unemployed, feeling lost and defeated and motivates them to find that dream job and chase after it, giving them the confidence they need to finally land it.

Career counseling is also known to effect multiple areas of functioning, including, anxiety, motivation and decisiveness. Career counseling is individualized and gives you an interpretation of your strengths and feedback on how to build on them.

On websites like, an online career counseling site, each individual is given a career aptitude test. The test is split into four sections covering skills, interests, style, and values.

Since finding a job can be extremely overwhelming whether you are starting out or looking to transition into a new career, career counseling is highly recommended.

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