How can I make a Career Change and Find a New Life Path?

When one day after the other seems equally as disappointing employment-wise, maybe worse than before, it might be necessary to make a career change. It can seem to be an overwhelming challenge, but there are proven tips and tricks that help baffled, scared people to make a successful transition into new lines of work.There are […]

Business Woman

Qualified but Afraid: What is it With Women Who Fear Success?

The Ripe for Change: Why Sidelining Women Hurts the Bottom Line magazine story shared a pro-female perspective with an all-caps declaration that “DATA SHOW THAT CORPORATIONS SEE GREATER GAINS WHEN THEY INVEST IN THE WOMEN IN THEIR RANKS BY ENSURING THEY ARE REPRESENTED AMONG LEADERSHIP ROLES AND SET UP FOR PROFESSIONAL SUCCESS.” But it didn’t […]

Career Ladder

Can a Therapist Help Guide You Toward Your Ideal Career?

Even though college graduates work their way to various degrees, they aren’t necessarily adept at finding satisfying employment with them. Some newly employed graduates discover, to their horror, that they don’t even like the professions they pursued. Underclass students sometimes learn to regret their majors earlier in their college lives. The realizations are rarely the […]

Ideal Career

Help Me, I’m Lost Finding My Ideal Career!

How many of us are truly happy at our work place? Are we excited every morning when we wake up and go to work? We spend more than 50% of our waking hours at work so we should enjoy what we do. It’s not just about making money. Really it’s not. It’s about enjoying our […]

Career Counseling

Career Counseling is Crucial for Everyone in Today’s Job Market

With America at a loss for words after the recent election, many search for hope in the current job market. Unemployment rates are up to 9.5% according to CNSNews.Com, this number, known as the U6 rate or total unemployment rate, was determined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) to include part-time workers and those […]