make friends

20 Questions to Get to Know People

Small talk tends to bore people. It’s a series of superficial comments that tend to make participants lose interest in the conversation. When you’re ready to make an impact, skip the weather, […]


Why it’s Not Smart to Blog about Personal Issues

Blogging, what some people might call “blabbing” or “gossiping” about personal concerns online is a problematic issue from social and legal points of view. Online accessibility tempts far too many people to […]

holiday stress

How to Survive Holiday Season Stress-free

The Jewish Festival of Lights is over but some Americans are still wondering if you’re supposed to spell it Hanuka, Hanukah, Chanuka, Chanukah, or even if you need to spell it with […]

depression brain

Stimulation to Ease Depression

Depression is everything that the word implies: a long-lasting sense of unhappiness and hopelessness. Descriptive terms for the problem include despair, despondency, and sadness. Anger and a sense of loss might be […]

guilt trip

Why Should You Resist Guilt Tripping?

There’s one simple answer to the question, “Why Should You Resist Guilt Tripping?” and it goes like this: “Because guilt-tripping is entrapment, a manipulative effort to control the guilt-tripped person.” Despite the […]