guilt trip

Why Should You Resist Guilt Tripping?

There’s one simple answer to the question, “Why Should You Resist Guilt Tripping?” and it goes like this: “Because guilt-tripping is entrapment, a manipulative effort to control the guilt-tripped person.” Despite the simple answer, it is difficult to live up to the reality check. That requires insight, courage, and resolve. The support of people you […]


Some Do’s and Don’ts of How to help a Hoarder

Hoarding is a behavior that mystifies some people, including hoarders themselves. It can be a problem all its own, or part of a larger psychological picture. In either case, it’s a malfunction of coping efforts. The range of hoarding efforts goes from mild to severe. You might learn of the severity of hoarding whenever you […]

midlife crisis

What is a Midlife Crisis and Can I Resolve it?

Midlife crises happen to people who want to feel confident that they made satisfying choices in life. The fact that the uncertainty of feeling satisfied bothers the crisis-stricken person says much about their transition into being over 40. Midlife crises can strike at almost any adult age, though. A sense of facing end-of-life issues, regret […]

empty feeling

I Feel Empty! When is a Lack of Meaning Something More Serious?

Sometimes, normal people feel a lack of motivation, a lack of meaning aka a sense of purpose, in life. It can happen as we come to terms with one or more unpleasant realities (e.g., a series of disappointments and failures). The sensation of emptiness tends to be temporary, not long-term, ending when we succeed in […]


How can I make a Career Change and Find a New Life Path?

When one day after the other seems equally as disappointing employment-wise, maybe worse than before, it might be necessary to make a career change. It can seem to be an overwhelming challenge, but there are proven tips and tricks that help baffled, scared people to make a successful transition into new lines of work.There are […]

get help

Don’t Give Up on Life, Get Help!

Life comes with an emotional bruising and many lessons that we only realize in retrospect. Sometimes you might feel like giving up on ever having a life that feels worth living. Welcome to the normal world. Most of humanity experiences those very thoughts some time or another, and repeatedly. It is possible to brace for […]


What’s the Problem with Superstitious Behavior?

If you observe the tenets of a religion such as Judaism or its unintentional offshoot Christianity, then you’re familiar with the differences between superstition and monotheism. GOD the Creator and Master of the universe is one thing, superstition quite another. When people confuse the two, trouble usually follows. Looking at a partial list of religions […]

birthday depression

Why You Don’t Have to Feel Ashamed of Birthday Depression

Maybe you didn’t get the memo, so here it is, minus a birthday present bow on top: The mental health profession doesn’t judge unhappy feelings as forbidden, wrong, or bad. Unhappiness is a normal part of human life. Sadness is one thing, though, and a sense of shame another. Both can be temporary. Depression, however, […]

best friends

Best Friendship Quotes

Feel yourself smile as you read the quotes below, culled from age-old troves of friendship quotation treasuries and last-minute memes. Some of these remarks will cheer you up. Others will make you think more deeply about the meaning of best friendship. “Best friends are people who make your problems their problems, just so you won’t […]

let it go

Anger Quotes to Help You to Heal and to Let Go

Getting through the day can try the patience of the best mental health practitioner, let alone the rest of us. Business sites and private homes have long held posters with soothing messages to end our sense of anger. Social media memes do that, too. Let’s look at a list of quotes about anger that let […]