women with anxiety

How to Properly Get a Hold of Your Anxiety

Did you ever feel shaky, nervous, or on edge and not really know why? You may be suffering with anxiety. Anxiety comes in different forms – i.e. generalised anxiety, health anxiety, and social anxiety. You may be very aware of what your anxiety is related to, such as redundancies at work and being anxious about […]

woman crying with grief

Grieving Differently and What to Know

“Grief is something all of us have or will anticipate. It is a painful process that forces us to clarify ourselves, our values, and our relationships. It forces us to confront the fragility of life.” Carol Becker (1992). Here I see Becker’s statement about the fragility of life being so true. I often use the […]

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Stress: Top Tips to Tackle Every Day Stress

Every day stress is extremely common. It is easy to encounter many people in your day, irrelevant of where you meet them, and hear them tell you that they feel ‘stressed’. What is the cause of this stress? Well for each person it may be a different cause. It could be an unplanned visit from […]

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Stress: The Vital Question to Ask Yourself

Stress is an annoyance and sometimes even a handicap to reaching quality of life, but what can we do about it? There is one vital question to ask yourself in any situation that is stressful. That question is, “Can I do anything about this?” If you answer yes to that question, then that is fantastic. […]

depressed teen

Depression: How Do I Know if I am Depressed?

Nowadays saying “I am depressed” is quite common. The question is: are you really depressed or is this a term you are using because it is a common phrase? You may find that amongst teenagers there is a ‘set way’ to speak with cool lingo. Saying “I am totally depressed” may be something a teen […]

child who is worried

Anxiety: How do you Talk to Your Children About Their Worries?

Does your school aged child worry about her/his test in school the next day? Is your daughter worried that she may forget her steps for the ballet performance next week she is due to perform in? Some parents have told me that when their youngster is afraid of lions in their room, they take the […]


The Different Stages of Grief

Outlined in Elizabeth Kubler Ross’s book On death and Dying, there are stages of grief. To begin with, there were five stages of grief, and more recently two more have been added. Here are the stages of grief. Stage one is denial. Stage two is anger. Stage three is bargaining. Stage four is depression. Stage […]

first steps

Changing Requires That Crucial First Step

What is the first step? Why is it important? I find that when speaking to people who are experiencing depression, anxiety or a challenging period of time, that the first step is the most important in activating change. A client I spoke to was having the counselling session with me from his bed. He had […]

dealing with illness

Death Awareness: The Upside

Most often people experience a wide range of emotions when faced with a diagnosis of illness. Shock, fear, anxiety, panic, sadness, and guilt are some emotions commonly experienced by people being told that they have an illness. Have you ever thought that there is an upside? Have you ever heard a patient speak in a […]

taking risks

Fear: One Way to Challenge Yourself

After speaking to a client who was suffering with anxiety, I reflected on how debilitating anxiety can be. How much control over life do we really have anyway? We may need to have an element of control in order to function in our daily lives. Is it just an illusion though? My client, whom I […]