panic attack
Shannon V. McHugh, PsyD
How to Stop Panic Attacks

Worry, stress, and fear are all feelings that most people have experienced; life is full of times that cause us to feel a sense of unease, frustration, or difficulty thinking

dependent personality disorder
Tracy Smith LPC, NCC, ACS
What is Dependent Personality Disorder?

Infants enter the world completely dependent on others.  They cannot feed, soothe, or protect themselves and crying is their only recourse to garner attention from those around them.  They have

repression psychology
Tracy Smith LPC, NCC, ACS
What Is Repression Psychology? 

Often times, whether in television, movies, or real life, you hear tales about individuals experiencing some type of trauma and later, having no memory that it happened.  This often occurs

social anxiety
Karen Doll, Psy.D., L.P
How to Overcome Social Anxiety

Most of us have experienced anxiety or self consciousness during a social situation. Public speaking is a common source which may include self-consciousness, embarrassment, or physical symptoms such as flushing,

Shannon V. McHugh, PsyD
Is Anatidaephobia a Real Phobia?

One of the main diagnoses that psychologists treat is anxiety; anxiety is defined as “a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease” that typically involves feeling a sense of uncertainty about

anxiety uninstalling
Yocheved Golani
Anxiety from A-Z

Fast Company’s Eating the Frog Won’t Boost Productivity article illustrates why it is smart to deal with an anxiety instead of overriding it. We tend to solve unpleasant problems with

Exercise reduces anxiety
Yocheved Golani
Anxiety Ends Here

Happiness expert Shawn Achor is a Harvard-educated man who overcame depression by studying happiness. He learned how to lower, and to end anxiety by replacing anxiety-promoting behaviors and thinking patterns

dealing with illness
Aviva Barnett
Death Awareness: The Upside

Most often people experience a wide range of emotions when faced with a diagnosis of illness. Shock, fear, anxiety, panic, sadness, and guilt are some emotions commonly experienced by people

taking risks
Aviva Barnett
Fear: One Way to Challenge Yourself

After speaking to a client who was suffering with anxiety, I reflected on how debilitating anxiety can be. How much control over life do we really have anyway? We may