Tracy Smith LPC, NCC, ACS
The Anxiety of Success

The word “success” is most commonly linked to positive feelings and motivation.  Most people strive for success in various aspects of their lives, including academic success, occupational success, social success,

Tracy Smith LPC, NCC, ACS
Can You Cure Aerophobia, the Fear of Flying?

Airports are places of organized chaos and a fantastic location to do some serious people watching.  At any point throughout the day, you will notice businessmen and women moving hurriedly

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Michelle Overman LMFT
Being Alone and Autophobia

Most people desire to be around others. Even the shyest and most introverted people have moments where they want and need to be around people. That desire is a normal

Tracy Smith LPC, NCC, ACS
What is Agorophobia?

When most people hear Paula Deen’s name, they associate her with her cooking show on the Food Network or from her lifestyle magazines.  What most people are unaware of is

Karen Doll, Psy.D., L.P
Do You Have Cellphone Separation Anxiety?

At first glance, the idea of cell phone separation anxiety can seem flippant. Could people being away from their phones actually cause extreme problems or stress? While it is not

Michelle Overman LMFT
How to Reduce Worry and Rumination

Worrying is something we all do. Even the most laid-back person worries about something. We worry about our futures, our jobs, and our relationships (just to name a few). It

Shannon V. McHugh, PsyD
How Common is an Exhibitionism Disorder?

Sex and sexuality have been studied for centuries and different cultures have their own unique perspectives about what constitutes appropriate and “normal” sexual expression and sexual conduct. What has been

Karen Doll, Psy.D., L.P
10 Signs You Might Be a Perfectionist

Perfectionism contributes to high stress and anxiety. There can be confusion sorting through what is high achieving vs perfectionism. The critical difference is that perfectionism is the need to achieve

Michelle Overman LMFT
How to Stop Overthinking?

Do you have the tendency to overthink or overanalyze things? Think about a time you gave an important presentation, had a conversation with someone you wanted to impress, or went