From Pieces to Peace. How to Cope With Anxiety

As we journey into the life of one of God’s special daughters, we find her frustrated and broken as a result of the tug of war game of a twenty year marriage. She races home every day hoping to find peace, but instead she finds shattered pieces. As she drives into her driveway one dreadful […]

is anxiety genetic

Is Anxiety Genetic?

Anxiety is a common issue among people. It can be viewed as an umbrella term with many specific disorders that have an anxiety component falling underneath it (i.e. generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, etc.). When treating people, it is often helpful to understand what the root cause of anxiety is. Where does […]


How to Calm Down When Life is Too Much

Stress is a part of life, but there are not much you can do to take it out. Every day you will have to deal with failures, responsibilities, and emotions that you simply don’t have enough time to handle. You have to remember that life is messy, and it’s never going to calm down. However, […]

panic attack

How to Stop Panic Attacks

Worry, stress, and fear are all feelings that most people have experienced; life is full of times that cause us to feel a sense of unease, frustration, or difficulty thinking things through without feeling some sort of anxiety. While this is a natural part of life, some people experience such significant amounts of worry or […]

dependent personality disorder

What is Dependent Personality Disorder?

Infants enter the world completely dependent on others.  They cannot feed, soothe, or protect themselves and crying is their only recourse to garner attention from those around them.  They have no tools in their proverbial toolbox and are hopelessly defenseless against the world’s prey.  They are physically, psychologically, and emotionally dependent on their caregivers, whom […]

repression psychology

What Is Repression Psychology? 

Often times, whether in television, movies, or real life, you hear tales about individuals experiencing some type of trauma and later, having no memory that it happened.  This often occurs to people who have been abused, neglected, in an accident, or part of another ordeal.  One could have suffered years of abuse or may have […]

social anxiety

How to Overcome Social Anxiety

Most of us have experienced anxiety or self consciousness during a social situation. Public speaking is a common source which may include self-consciousness, embarrassment, or physical symptoms such as flushing, sweating, or trembling. Behind this experience is often automatic thinking patterns ruminating about what people might think of us. By definition, Social anxiety disorder is […]


Is Anatidaephobia a Real Phobia?

One of the main diagnoses that psychologists treat is anxiety; anxiety is defined as “a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease” that typically involves feeling a sense of uncertainty about the outcome of a situation . It is common for people to feel nervous or worried about many situations or experiences in their life, but […]


Understanding Popular Anxiety Quotes:

Anxiety is commonly typified by fear, worry, trepidation, and dread.  Anxiety is often associated with negative outcomes, but scientists have concluded that low-level, intermittent anxiety can actually be natural and healthy. Anxiety alerts individuals to risk or imminent danger, can motivate and inspire productivity, can signal excitement, or can prompt cautious thinking amongst multiple outcomes.  […]

anxiety uninstalling

Anxiety from A-Z

Fast Company’s Eating the Frog Won’t Boost Productivity article illustrates why it is smart to deal with an anxiety instead of overriding it. We tend to solve unpleasant problems with sensible behavior, not with tactics to pave over them. The first order of business is for us to understand what anxiety is, so that we […]