Understanding Popular Anxiety Quotes:

Anxiety is commonly typified by fear, worry, trepidation, and dread.  Anxiety is often associated with negative outcomes, but scientists have concluded that low-level, intermittent anxiety can actually be natural and healthy. Anxiety alerts individuals to risk or imminent danger, can motivate and inspire productivity, can signal excitement, or can prompt cautious thinking amongst multiple outcomes.  […]

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Anxiety from A-Z

Fast Company’s Eating the Frog Won’t Boost Productivity article illustrates why it is smart to deal with an anxiety instead of overriding it. We tend to solve unpleasant problems with sensible behavior, not with tactics to pave over them. The first order of business is for us to understand what anxiety is, so that we […]

Anxiety and Stress

Aren’t Stress and Anxiety the Same Thing?

It’s exasperating to read a teasing question in the title to an article, and then have to plod all the way to the end of it for an answer. Let’s prevent the nuisance: The answer is “No. Stress and anxiety are not the same thing. They have subtle but important differences.” Defining Stress Stress is […]

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Anxiety Ends Here

Happiness expert Shawn Achor is a Harvard-educated man who overcame depression by studying happiness. He learned how to lower, and to end anxiety by replacing anxiety-promoting behaviors and thinking patterns with actions and thoughts that promote an upbeat attitude. Achor’s http://goodthinkinc.com/ site educates readers worldwide about all that. The Goodthink newsletter recently informed subscribers that […]

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How to Properly Get a Hold of Your Anxiety

Did you ever feel shaky, nervous, or on edge and not really know why? You may be suffering with anxiety. Anxiety comes in different forms – i.e. generalised anxiety, health anxiety, and social anxiety. You may be very aware of what your anxiety is related to, such as redundancies at work and being anxious about […]

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Anxiety: How do you Talk to Your Children About Their Worries?

Does your school aged child worry about her/his test in school the next day? Is your daughter worried that she may forget her steps for the ballet performance next week she is due to perform in? Some parents have told me that when their youngster is afraid of lions in their room, they take the […]

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Fear: One Way to Challenge Yourself

After speaking to a client who was suffering with anxiety, I reflected on how debilitating anxiety can be. How much control over life do we really have anyway? We may need to have an element of control in order to function in our daily lives. Is it just an illusion though? My client, whom I […]


Can Making Assumptions Trigger Anxiety?

I often work with clients who experience anxiety. I notice that there is a link to anxiety, and the fact that we make comparisons to others.  When we rate ourselves against others, we seem to come off worse. Examples of this can be, “He earns more than me, She wears nicer clothes than me, He […]

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Anxiety Shows through Anger, not only Fear

Your chances of consistently managing anger, anxiety, resentment, and stress, without becoming a better person, are practically zero, states the Anger, Anxiety, Resentment, Stress, and Basic Humanity page. You might have heard some clergyman or clergywoman say the same thing, and been bored to hear it AGAIN. But the truth is, dull as it might […]

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Panicking About Your Panic Attacks: 3 Tips for Relieving Your Anxiety

Don’t crack your gum because the sound annoys everyone around you. But some mental health professionals recommend chewing it to lower your sense of distress. The chewing action releases some stress, the rhythm is calming, and the flavor might soothe you, too. Keep chewing quietly as your read how The Anxiety and Depression Association of […]