Is There a Suicide Risk For People Suffering from Anxiety?

Suffering from Anxiety

Anxiety is a dangerous mental illness. Many people suffer from this disorder without even realizing it. The longer it affects a person without being treated, the more dangerous it becomes. It is important for mental disorders to be discussed. Once you can speak about it openly you are ready to see a therapist.

The importance of being open about a mental disorder allows for friends and family to provide the person with the support and care they need. Majority of people commit suicide without discussing it with anyone first. Researchers have found that those who are having suicidal thoughts and chose to open up about them to a confidant tend to be saved from suicide.

Erica was back in her hometown for the holiday weekend. An old friend, Tom, asked her to meet up to have a beer and catch up that Friday but she told him she was swamped with things to do and she would try to make time to meet up on Sunday. Saturday night she gets a frantic phone call from her old friend Sarah, Tom’s high school sweet heart. She couldn’t make out Sarah’s words and what exactly she was trying to say but she heard screaming and sobbing. Then she made out the words killed himself. She knew. Tom had taken his own life.

At his burial, everyone was in tears. Even those who had seen him the day before said “we had no idea these thoughts were going through Tom’s mind”. His mother spoke about what a beautiful soul Tom was. Even through all his overwhelming nervousness he was always caring for others. Erica didn’t understand. If Tom was such a nervous person why didn’t he seek help? Why didn’t he share his thoughts with those close to him?

Erica continuously went over that Friday again and again in her head. What if she could have done something differently? What if she was able to talk to Tom and console his suicidal thoughts? Was her schedule really too busy for an old friend? What if she could have prevented his suicide? Tom’s constant suffering from anxiety lead him to take his own life. If Tom recognized his mental illness and sought professional help all of this could have ended differently.

Anxiety is not only a mental illness but it is also a trigger for depression. With all of these disorders intertwined it is important to seek professional help immediately. By coming clean with your anxious, depressing, and even suicidal thoughts you are saving yourself, and your loved ones. Finding a way to cope with mental disorders on your own usually causes more anxiety. You are not alone. Get the help you deserve.