Is Anxiety a Mental Illness?

Is Anxiety a Mental Illness

An anxiety disorder is a constant fear of the future. According to Psychiatry.Org more than 25 million Americans suffer from an anxiety disorder. But where does this disorder stem from, and is it a mental illness?

According to Web MD an anxiety disorder is categorized as a mental illness. Anxiety disorders may be caused by medical factors, environmental factors, genetics, brain chemistry, or substance abuse. It is most commonly triggered by the stress in our lives. Researchers have found that frequently when a person undergoes a life changing event, this can cause anxiety. For example being divorced or widowed can cause a person to undergo stress and embarrassment, which if not treated properly, can grow into an anxiety disorder. Trauma from events such as abuse or victimization can cause a person to undergo an ongoing state of fear, morphing into an anxiety disorder. Stress caused by finances is a major external factor that comes into play when suffering from anxiety disorder. This can be the cherry on the cake that can make you feel like you are drowning if you have no one to turn to. Many times patients undergoing treatment for anxiety disorder are also undergoing treatment for drug or alcohol addiction. Family history of mental disorders gives a person a greater chance of developing an anxiety disorder.

The bottom line is that an anxiety disorder is a mental illness that can develop from both nature and nurture. Many patients suffer from anxiety without even being aware. Majority of the time this mental illness is brushed off as mere stress, but it is important to understand that if the feeling is constant it should be treated by a professional immediately.