Overcoming Addiction

Overcoming Addiction

Once an addiction is confronted and you have suffered up to your threshold of pain, you are now faced with the challenge to look the addiction in the face and overcome it to the best of your ability. Reaching full sobriety usually means you will have an overall better life, this includes: living in the moment, having the ability to be of use to other people who are in need, diminishing feelings of stress, sleeping soundly through the night, being social and developing more meaningful relationships, tending to be optimistic, and feeling at peace with oneself.

If you are willing to face the challenges of recovery, and you are motivated to change your life style it is possible. Facing these challenges means doing whatever is required to overcome them, and not attempting to hide behind addiction or other behaviors.

Be prepared by having realistic expectations of what is possible and what is not possible in recovery. Be patient and take the proper amount of time needed to solve the problems below the surface.

Being aware and mindful of your surrounding and the affect you are having on others will allow you to develop a mature outlook on recovering from your addiction. You can do this by closely examining and accepting your emotions regularly.

Keep a journal of how you are feeling and the recovery process. This way you can know when you are moving forward and when you are back tracking. Find a good support system but also be supportive to others. Encourage those around you also looking to overcome their addiction to take the first step and confront it. This provides you with the opportunity to reflect on your experiences as well, therefore improving your personal growth.

Never give up. Know that you are capable of overcoming your addiction. You have the power within to make your own choices. Choose good over bad. Choose right over wrong. Choose freedom over addiction.

Photo Credit: changeyouchoose.com