Lack of Mental Health Care in Colleges

Failing Out: Colleges Lack Sufficient Mental Health Services

All-nighters, cramming five minutes before class, struggling to remember which courses you signed up for (a literal nightmare at semester’s end for many students) and the effort to even remember if you ate breakfast are the usual stressors of college life. So are romantic relationships, suspicious rashes and aches, hiking, biking or running to class, […]

state of optimal well being

Steps That Help in Getting to the Optimal State of Well-Being

Optimal well-being for you is not the same as optimal well-being for someone else. Each person’s genetic, chemical, environmental, cultural and mental realities are different. We need different foods, healthcare, amounts of intentional exercise, and forms of amusement in order to function at our best possible levels. The only thing that remains the same for […]

top online counseling universities

Online Counseling for Universities

University students face astonishing amounts of pressure from financial constraints, hormones, relationships with family and friends let alone lovers, plus academic workloads. There’s even a website that lists The Top Mental Health Challenges Facing Students. College campuses worldwide offer on-site and online counseling options to calm down distraught students and to help them to put […]

self awareness

Help Your Mental Health: Strategy for Fostering Self-Awareness

The previous article explored what helps sustain and support healthy social, emotional and psychological wellbeing, pointing to the key to enduring mental health lying in the capacity for self-awareness. Self-awareness involves creating the space to connect to an underpinning, authentic inner voice that can share with you the TRUTH of where you are holding physically, […]

therapist sitting in chair

The Key to Mental Health: A View From the Therapist’s Chair

As a therapist I have the ongoing privilege of being part of peoples’ journeys to improved mental health. Hearing the stories and experiences of so many people and facilitating their learning, growth and transformation has provided me with a window into their lives. It has gifted me with the opportunity to reflect on many important […]